I have Facebook and Instagram! Why I need a website? 5 Reasons

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I still hear many customers asking Why i need a website? what is the importance of having a website, if everyone is on social networks. For some entrepreneurs, being present on social media would be a good argument, but in reality it isn’t.

So, today I’m going to talk a little bit about the importance of having a website and how it is essential for a lasting and efficient digital marketing strategy.

As my role here is to convince you that having a website for your business is very important, I will divide this post into 5 reasons for you to have a website for your business!

Read it carefully and feel free to comment your opinions and questions here, or email me ok?! Here we go?

1 – Facebook and Instagram are not yours!

Anyone with social media profiles knows that content delivery algorithms change all the time. On Facebook for example, nowadays, you can’t get as good results (or almost no results) in organic, just investing in ads. Instagram has increasingly decreased the reach of commercial pages. Simply because the objective of both is the person x person and not person x company interaction.

Another issue is that third-party companies may suffer attacks or even cease to exist, as was the case with Orkut  and Snapchat (it still exists, but few use it), which were simply reduced to memory.

With the right strategy, you can drive your audience to your site and take control of their interactions with them. You can create email lists and nurture your leads with your content without having to be on a social media platform you don’t control.

Your company’s website is yours! And in it you set the rules. Believe me, with the right strategy, your site will be booming on the internet!

2 – Have you ever been on Facebook or Instagram looking for something to buy?

It may have already happened, but I’ll bet you Googled a lot more. Yeah, guess what? Your potential customer does the same thing. And when he does that and you don’t have a website, it’s just impossible for him to find you.

Then you will say to me: “Ahh!, but when my client types my name on Google, my profile appears in the search!”. Okay, it does, but do all the potential customers of your business already know you? I do not think so. And in the case of Google, the magic is so beautiful, you can do miracles in organic. Of course a strategy that involves social media (organic and paid) and Google Ads with organic work ( SEO ) well done works much better, but on your website, as I said before, you dictate the rules of the game, what changes is the time to achieve a result.

3 – Permanency of Content.

Social media is extremely dynamic, meaning information passes very quickly. Since your customer doesn’t search for content on social media, you need to reach them in the X moment with content that is still available to be found.

On your website, your content is available to be consulted whenever your potential customer performs a search. With a well-crafted strategy of social media and internal links on your website, you direct your audience to as much content as they might be interested in at the same time. Still using tracking tools from Google and Facebook Ads, you can follow the Internet lead made by Julius in Todo Mundo Hates Cris: when he opens Facebook, you’ll be there, when he opens Skype, you’ll be there, in YouTube, you will be there…. I think you can understand, right?

4 – Create Authority!

While social media is a great tool to aid in creating authority, it’s on your website that the magic will really happen. Offer content that is useful and that helps your audience completely, without stalling and that will make them see you with a reference.

There are clients who question the following: “Oh, but if I teach everything, he won’t want to hire me!” Quite the opposite.

If you give practical tips to your client, he will surely remember you when he can hire a service. We, for example, teach on our Instagram, Facebook and Blog, a lot so that the client can start his digital marketing strategy alone, but we are fully aware that he will not be able to do the work alone forever. When the time comes to outsource the service, who do you think he will go to? Who just tried to sell, or who helped him when he needed it? Who would you look for?

5 – To be professional, you have to look professional!

Last but not least, imagine that you need to hire a lawyer or even an engineer. We have two great professionals that have been referred to you, you look for their names online, one only appears in their Facebook profile. On the other hand, a well-designed website appears, with all the information about the professional and the work he does, in addition to a portfolio and customer testimonials. Besides that, there is a blog where he talks about his market niche, gives tips and shares relevant content on the topic, which also shows that he understands the subject a lot. Speak the truth, which one would draw you more attention? Which would look more professional to you?

The point is that when a potential customer is at the time of purchase, you often have only one chance to impact him. Your online presence is the way to impact the customer when he is looking for a product or service. Will you want to risk it?

Well, today’s post is small, but the content was written with great care. Hope the information can help you in some way.

If you want to know more about website creation, where you can start or how to hire, leave your comment or email me.

Ps.: we also work with the creation of websites , but the intention here is not to sell, it is to give you information!

See you next time and don’t forget to follow our social networks:  Facebook  and  Instagram !

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